At Robson we enable our partners to design, sell and manage “on-demand” access to outsourced private and public cloud computing resources to businesses of all sizes

Whether it is Software-as-a Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service or Platform-as-a-Service, Robson’s Cloud Solutions can dramatically reduce capital expenditures, simplify IT infrastructure and improve a business’s overall IT flexibility. All delivered from our state-of-the-art data center Robson’s Cloud Solutions are backed by our unwavering commitment to customer service and support.

Hosted Services

Software applications as needed on a subscription basis, eliminating up front capital outlay and expenses associated with running these applications.

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Hosted Platform

Access the hardware, OS, middleware, databases and test environments. This managed platform gives the customer full control of their applications.

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Hosted Infrastructure

Outsourced servers, storage and networking components all managed to give the customer a flexible, scalable and cost effective solution all in the cloud.

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Your Partner In The Cloud

Business are changing the way they deal with their IT spending... are you keeping up? Robson's Partner Program will make sure you stay current, sell; Saas, IaaS and PaaS to businesses of all sizes tomorrow... by signing up today. Find out how to increase revenues from existing and new customers by clicking on the learn more button...

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...With their very knowledgeable sales and support staff, we are constantly amazed at how much these people care. I’d recommend them to anyone who asks....

Mike Betcher | | Pilothouse Real Estate Inc.

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  • Your competitors are selling cloud solutions, we can help you do it better

  • Your customers are buying cloud solutions, why not from you?

  • Add 30-50% margin by including cloud solutions to your existing product offering

  • Enabling partners to seamlessly deliver cloud solutions to the SMB market

  • Robson is your end to end cloud solutions partner

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