Software as a Service – SaaS

Robson’s Hosted SaaS lets you give your customers “on demand” software applications in both dedicated and virtual environments. These applications are hosted in Robson’s state-of-the-art Datacenter, and are sold to your customers on a subscription basis.

When a company purchases software they pay for the application. However, most companies overlook the added costs of …

  • paying someone to manage the software
  • paying someone to manage the infrastructure the software resides on
  • paying for the power and space the infrastructure requires
  • paying for periodic upgrades and support

Why ask your customers to consume valuable working capital buying software and paying these additional costs when they can rent it from you for a fraction of the cost?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an “on demand” model that lets companies pay for the software applications they need on a subscription basis. It virtually eliminates the up-front capital outlay and expenses associated with running the applications.

Robson’s Hosted SaaS applications include:

Domain Names
Linux Web Hosting
Windows Web Hosting
POP / IMAP Email
Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft SharePoint
Cloud Backup
Cloud Storage
Cloud Receptionist
Managed DNS

As a Robson Certified Partner you will be selling these SaaS solutions to your existing customers and generating new revenue today! Your customers will be able to securely access these applications from any location remotely (via desktop or mobile devise) and use the most current version, enhancing customer satisfaction.

A Little about Robson’s Infrastructure and Data Center:

  • Full suite of hosted services
  • Fully redundant high-available infrastructure
  • Latest industry leading hosting platform
  • Online ordering for instant ordering and activation
  • Manage all customer products and services via a web based interface
  • Ability to brand the solution to your company
  • Selling hosting has never been easier

Each of the Hosted SaaS solutions can be tailored to meet your customer’s individual needs — whether they need an entry-level shared solution, or a multi-site fully redundant enterprise solution. Robson lets your business capture revenue that once resided outside your current product offering.

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